Flexibility and Adaptability are crucial traits in management

“Narwhal Riding Unicorn Float” by Nikolay Todorov

We cannot introduce a new culture without first considering how it will work for the people we have

“The giraffe is actually a cat.” by PaulS34

Personal integrity and personal growth are not always aligned and you have to make choice

“Black elephant white elephant” by Alina-Corina

The wide-ranging impact of scrambling at work

“Everyday I’m Brusselin’” by Yipptee Shirts

Change is hard and takes time

“Bonsai Thinking” by zomboy

Group influencing done right

“Japanese Red Crown Crane by Ogata Korin 1658–1716” by IslandArt

Two dimensions of motivation and how they show up in people

“Hang In There” by AndyWestface

Influencing done right

“Bubu the Guinea Pig, Knitting” by Miri-Noristudio

Health indicators when managing and leading a team

“Heartbeat Rowing” by melia321

Change is not over after the first wave and adjustment

“Evolution — Go back we screwed up everything” by goodtogotees

Tom Sommer

Writing about Leadership and Personal Development. Director of Engineering @ Redbubble.

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