Flexibility and Adaptability are crucial traits in management

We are often drawn to people we consider Idealists. Those that embrace their core principles. Who put in the time and work towards fighting the (good) fight. Who persevere even if there are major setbacks. In tech, a famous example is Steve Jobs, who was idealistic about user experience. …

We cannot introduce a new culture without first considering how it will work for the people we have

2020 has been an interesting year for many companies. And 2021 is shaping up to be much of the same.

Depending on where you are and what industry you are in, the impact on our work has ranged from losing jobs to working from home for long stretches. Redbubble was…

Personal integrity and personal growth are not always aligned and you have to make choice

Most of us are striving for growth in our careers. We are keen to get that new title, gain new responsibilities, or feel more fulfilled. (There is a massive and interesting piece on Why we want that, but let us leave that aside for now).

Early on in our careers…

Health indicators when managing and leading a team

A few weeks ago we underwent a significant restructure. We shuffled people around, merged teams, and — unfortunately — let some folks go.

But when some doors close, others open, and we were able to give a couple of people their first true management role. Starting in a new role…

Change is not over after the first wave and adjustment

Change is constant.

This year though (2020), it feels like it has been particularly intense. At least for folks living in the usually calm and stable ‘developed’ countries.

COVID happened, which forced us to change how we live and work. It meant kids had to stay home together with remote-working…

Tom Sommer

Writing about Leadership and Personal Development. Director of Engineering @ Redbubble.

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